1. The W’s


    I’m a recent graduate from the University of South Florida and, due to the Great Recession, live with my parents in North Carolina. After being accepted to the University of Vermont as a transfer student and ultimately deciding that $50,000/year was entirely too much debt for school… I’ve applied to NC State’s agroecology program. Just waiting for my AP scores to get sent ($25 fee since they are over 4 years old) from the College Board. In two years I should have a B.S. in Agroecology and will then be moving to Finland.

    Edit, Dec 14 2011: Strike NC State off the list. My decision not to pursue higher level math and science while at USF has led to NC State denying my application. So I am not weighing my other options. Bummer.

    One day I hope to have my own business and hopefully start a NGO to fight desertification, promote local democracy, and green development around the Mediterranean.


    This blog’s purpose is to provide inspiration and data to people interested in moving from unproductive lawnscapes to sustainable home gardens based on permaculture practices. I will provide our story, backed by photographs and measurements for the plants we grow. Most importantly, the garden itself will be a bountiful island in the stream of small forests that criss cross our state and nation.

    It will serve as one of the nuclei that will hopefully merge. So, if you are in the local area and need something, feel free to ask.

    Share the abundance.


    Now until…


    We are located in Forsyth County NC, USDA zone 7a (possibly closer to 8a due to climate change).


    Anglo-American lawns trace their origins to wealthy Britons who could publicly demonstrate their wealth by cultivating grass rather than annual garden beds. Over time, the tradition of lawn care has become embedded in the ideal American Dream suburban home. With global climate change and the crucial role that industrialized agriculture plays in affecting our environment (as well as labor and political rights of workers and their families), it is unconscionable to continue growing grass when we could devote time towards creating positive change.

    I decided to start this blog, which may turn into a website if I outgrow a blog’s limitations, to provide others with some things I was having trouble finding myself:

    • High resolution/quality photographs of plants, garden animals (nature’s ambassadors!), fungi, plant diseases, etc 
    • Specific growth information on plants
    • Plant guild functionality
    • From the ground up challenges and ways to overcome them (hopefully)

    Stick around and ask questions and provide feedback at your leisure!