1. Last slide show with pictures that I have taken. I may be able to put one together for July. We will see. So that means… I’m finally able to share photos about the rest, write up something, then launch my new blog. Whew!

    So really not all that much changes- the dramatic changes from the first year cannot be easily replicated when we are trying to grow biomass. Again, by 2015 we’ll be putting in more woody shrubs and such and we’ll be seeing a much different landscape. Too exciting.

    Anyway, here is the link to the last slide show——

    June 1-16 2012. 27:01

    Of course, cover cropping continues. Our addition of some vegetables does well in the new sheet mulched bed. Rapid growth of seeds from the seed bank (ragweed, etc.). Echinacea flowers put on a display and a rose is added to the garden.

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