1. So its been a while, with the wedding, a trip to the summer cottage, and other things happening. I’m still waiting on some things from the Finnish government before I can start working, so it may be another month or so until I can find a job. But that would still put me a full month ahead of schedule!

    I’m almost done editing all of the pictures and I have a little bit of time this week so I went ahead and made another slide show. Its a little slow but I was surprised that I had a satisfactory narration on the first go.

    This slide show covers January- February 6th 2012. It is 30:26 long.

    I talk about our cover crop, which cold weather veges we planted, future plans for the berm, the mounds under the pines are finally up to size- although not complete by any means at this stage. 

    For the next slide shows I’m going to try to pack more information besides just showing the garden around. We’ll see how that goes. Should be done tomorrow with the next one, but not sure when I’ll have time to go through to summer.