1. Residency Permit has been issued!

    My Finnish residency application has been accepted! I just have to go to the police station and pick it up. 

    Alright! I can start working now! It only took one month for the application to be processed. How awesome is that?

    On the garden- if you remember, I was away for two weeks. The first week was my wedding week and the second week we were at a summer cottage relaxing. So now I can finish up with the slide shows (probably another 6 episodes), put up the remainder of pictures that I took, share some pictures my parents took while I was gone, and then write up a little thing on how it all went.

    Then I can start my new blog following my life here in Finland. (Which may be off to a good start now that I have a permit- I have spotted an absolutely perfect place for a garden that isn’t being used for anything and doesn’t look like it ever will be).

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